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A small, yet a big change: Cushion Covers and Bedcovers

Imagine walking into a room with with not a single piece of textile around. Can you imagine the lifelessness of its being? How dull, rigid, impersonal and cold the room would look!

Though a lot of new materials (faux leather, different forms of plys,faux wood etc) have come up off late to replace the use of textiles in the interior decorations- in my view nothing can ever replace textiles. For me it is a reflection of who you are, of your personality. It's almost like the clothes you wear, except for your home, the space you spend your lives in. A single piece of textile convert your ‘house’ into your very personalised ‘home’. Textiles offers so much of variety in terms of colours, patterns, textures and what they simply feel like against your bare skin, that the use of it in any space can completely brighten it up and add a sense of extended happiness. With the wide variety of textiles available in the market and an even wider use of the same, one can use them to create a home that is an extension of who they are- be it chic, classical, quirky, ethnic or experimental. A curtain with a fun color or pattern can brighten up any room. A quirky rug with an eclectic pattern can add some spark to rather boring space. Sometimes even a stunning piece of cushion cover placed in the correct spot adds character to a space in totality. Other than these more traditional uses below are a list of even fun ways we can use textile materials to make our homes more personal:

1.Cushion cover:

A cushion cover is a classic example of how just one or two pieces in a room can change the characteristics of the space and completely liven it up. Cushions are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, embellishments, prints and textures. This makes it easier for anybody to coordinate and put together a couple of pieces that suits your room and more importantly your personality and lifestyle the best. Cushion covers can be used in tonal themes where you play with different patterns to add a point of interest or as a plethora of colors on a neutral color base, giving the room an instant upliftment. Cushion covers can be used on your sofa, your bed or even on the ledge of your French window sill. The larger cushions can be used as floor seatings. They add the fun and cosy element to a room, also reducing cost.


Strawberry Cushions
Meadows Cushions
Orange Tango Cushions
Back & White Cushions


2.Bedcover / bedrunner:

I have worked with spaces to create a beautiful visual appeal to an entire room, with that alone. A well designed bedcover, be it a plain solid color textured bedcover or a beautifully patterned one- either way it completes the room. Also keeping in mind the vast spread of a bedcover in a room, it plays an important role in adding to the look and feel of the space. A bedcover can be stylishly enhanced by either throwing a stunning rug or by adding a bed runner in a contrasting or tonal color or pattern. A set of well coordinated or complimentary cushion covers just makes the set up more complete. Depending on the décor style of the room, the bedcover that is chosen can be subtle in terms of design and color and the cushion covers can be used along with it for the colors and patterns. Alternatively a vibrant and bold bedcover with simple and textured cushion covers could be paired. The same rule would apply to the mixing of bedcovers with runner! We need to bear in mind that these products are used to highlight aspects of your space. You could use it to create a ‘wow’ factor in your room or just add to the simplicity of the atmosphere and add them just to create some more textural elements.


Before bed cover and cushion makeover
After bed cover and cushion makeover
Neha Jhunjhunwala Mimani

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