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We have been in the decor space for over a decade. Through this time we have transformed many homes and created a mesmerising ambience in restaurants and hotels. Join us in our journey as we share our tips and guide decor enthusiasts to style and re-vamp their spaces.

New York lights inspiration for your homes this Diwali

During a recent visit to NYC, I was intrigued to notice the design elements present in every corner of that city which is home to over 19 million people. Everywhere I saw glimpses of art and design amongst the colourful people, streets, architecture and nature. My senses, every one of them were filled with awe. Even though I have travelled to NYC since I was a little girl, this trip was different- like journeying into the creative wings of my soul.

Diwali is just around the corner, and that could be the reason why everything seemed brighter and more festive. I have some friends visiting from University this Diwali, and I have been more than usually excited, to decorate my home, something mostly every Indian looks forward to in a year. It marks the beginning of new things and exciting prospects. Spacial and interior design in most establishment in New York are so tastefully executed. For someone who loves making fabrics to liven homes across the world, you could probably imagine what good design does to me.

I carry my little sketchbook in my bag wherever I go. I often sketch and write beautiful ideas and musings, of all that inspires me and moves my soul. My sketch pad is filled with stories I was a part of in various locations, during my time in the city that never sleeps.

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. I was very intrigued to find how a city so alien to our culture and festival gave me so many ideas of lighting up my home, which now I absolutely want to share with you. These simple lighting ideas will surely uplift your space and make it a unique expression of yourself.

Earlier in the week during my stay there, I took a walk in the Chelsea Market, where I realised how much me ponder over the simplistic beauty of ‘rice’ lights, which are so easily available. It is truly magical how it can transform the look of your space. I have generally seen them being used as lines or in a manner solitary stars. But truly how impactful is it, when one simply uses it in a chunk or bundles, all together. It feels like living one of my favourite oil on canvas, Starry Nights. I think in that moment, I came close to what Van Gogh must have experienced while painting that historic beauty. Try this in one certainly this diwali!

'Starry Night' rice Light gallery at Chelsea Markey

The starry night at Chelsea Market

A visit to the H&M store inspired me about the use of simple everyday bulbs, and how it could be made by using some metallic wires and forming a cage mesh around it. You can be experimental in forming a variety of ‘caged’ shapes around the everyday bulbs and hang them in an interesting manner in one corner of your home.

Meshed lights at H&M

Don’t we all have empty glass bottles we throw away or sell?

This use of such useless bottles was such a fantastic and creative expression! Take one bottle and fit a bulb inside it. Though, having a family member who is good with electrical set up is always helpful!

Glass bottles used to form personalised lights

You see design is all around us. We just have to keep our senses aware, to feel such beauty in every moment. We just need to feel and embrace it.

With Diwali around the corner, let your home look like a reflection of who you authentically are!

    Neha Jhunjhunwala Mimani

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