Textile care

Fabrics are natural materials and is therefore unique from piece to piece. Irregularities are an inherent part of the beauty of textiles, both in colour and texture. These should not be considered faults but part of the individual character of each piece. Changes in the colour and signs of wear will occur with normal use.

If treated with care your Cushion Project products will last for many years.

All our products are carefully labeled with wash care instructions. Please ensure it is followed.

The products mentioned as ‘Dry Clean only’ should not be water washed- either by hand or by machine.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the colour of your textile home produce to fade.

Please note that we cannot be held liable for any damage that is caused to your purchase after it has been bought and not informed within 3 days of receiving the goods

In case of an oil mark, please apply enough talcum powder over it and let it be for atleast 8 hours. Please ensure it doesn’t come in touch with water. Brush the powder off, the oil stain should have gone. It is necessary to wash/dry clean as per instructions.

When not in use, ensure the products are stored in a cool, clean place with a covering and kept away from damp or termite invested or any other such conditions.

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